Tip Sheet

Task Seating
Task Seating covers the office chairs that most people use while working at a desk or around a conference table.  This type of seating is defined on the web as "A chair designed for people whose jobs consist of one main task: looking into a microscope, talking on the phone, using a video display terminal."  Selecting the perfect office chair to spend eight hours a day can be a challenge.  Everyone has there own aches and pains to compensate for.  With this in mind, Conklin Office Furniture offers hundreds of different models of seating to satisfy every shoppers needs.  

When shopping for task chairs there are a few things to keep in mind.  First off, the height of the back of the chairs come in mid-back, high-back, or executive high-back.  You can also choose if you want a chair with or without arms.  Office seating without arms is most commonly used around a conference table.  Depending on the quality of the chair, there are several additional options that allow you to adjust the chair for optimum comfort.  Below is a list of options, the higher the quality the more adjustable the chair!

Adjustable Arms- The arms of a chair can be adjustable both vertically and horizontally.  Many chairs have vertical adjustments allowing your to raise and lower the arms depending on your arm length, higher end seating also includes horizontal adjustments.

Pneumatic Height adjustment-Pneumatic height adjustment allows you to use a knob under the chair to adjust the height of the entire seat up and down.  This option utilizes a gas cartridge to operate.  If you have an older chair that isn't working well anymore you may need to replace that cartridge.

Tilt/Lock-This feature allows you to lock the back of your seat so that when you lean back your seat stays in a locked position.  This is a nice feature for someone that types a lot and wants to keep their back supported in the upright position.

Adjustable Back-An adjustable back allows you to raise the back vertically on the chair so that the lumbar support meets your back in an appropriate position.  This is helpful for someone who is either shorter or taller than the "norm"; most seating is made to meet the average persons build.

Sliding Seat Pan-Chairs with a sliding seat pan allow you to adjust the seat of the chair horizontally for optimum comfort, this option is usually included on higher end seating.

It is important to have in mind what options are important to you when you begin shopping for an office chair.  This will allow our sales team to pick a selection of seating for you to choose from instead of trying to pick through three hundred chairs! If you have further questions about office chairs or would like help in choosing the office chair that would best meet your needs please fill out our contact form or give us a call at any of our three locations:  MA (413) 315-6777, NYC (212) 871-0055 or NJ (856) 786-2229 and we will be happy to assist you!