Used Office Furniture Motto

"What goes around comes around!"

If you are a person that measures your environmental impact throughout your daily life, then you have come to the right place for your used office furniture! At Conklin Office Furniture, we believe that all people are responsible for their actions and the effects those actions play on the environment. What better way is there to live out our motto than to offer our customers remanufactured and used office furniture, which is the ultimate form of recycling.  This process allows for continuous options for reuse of office furniture, parts and materials.  Conklin has been bringing green office furniture to the marketplace for 30 years. Our sales of upcycled cubicles and office furniture has kept millions of pounds of material out of landfills. Environmentally, Conklin is working hard to make as small of an impact on the planet as possible while still producing first class furniture.  Over 500,000 square feet our our office, manufacturing and warehousing space is 65% hydro powered.

To prove our commitment, Conklin is now offering "green" consulting. Alyson Arnold a LEED® Accredited Professional can take a building project through the LEED® process to certification, or simply design the selection of materials and furnishings to reflect the green goals of her client. LEED® is an acronym, which stands for leadership in energy and environmental design. Alyson has illustrated her knowledge of the green building field, integrated design, and her capacity to facilitate the LEED® Certification process by successfully completing the LEED® Professional Accreditation Exam.

At Conklin we realize the amount of space our built environment consumes and the importance in transforming the marketplace to exist in a sustainable manner. As our communities continue to grow and expand, our built surroundings will play a key role in the health and well being of all people. Conklin's is the first office furniture business in the western Massachusetts area employing a LEED® accredited professional and hopes this will illustrate the importance this company places on our natural resources.

Used office furniture: conserves natural resources, reduces the amount of product sent to landfills and protects virgin materials. Remanufacturing just 40 workstations diverts one tractor-trailer load of furniture from a landfill. Industry experts estimate that for each pound of natural resources used in remanufacturing, five to nine pounds of virgin materials are conserved. **Statistics quoted here are provided by OFRF-The Office Furniture Recyclers forum in Alexandria, VA.