Eco-TIP (Trade-In Program)

As important as the environmental impact and life cycle cost of office furniture procurement can be, many decisions continue to be based on initial price.  What if you could have the best of all three?  With Eco-TIP, you can.

In the past many companies focused on initial price when making a furniture decision.  Today those same companies are learning about the long-term and life cycle costs associated with those "great deals" - the hard way.  Cheap furniture wears faster, does not lend itself to reuse, and can have negative environmental and financial value at the end of its life cycle (based on the cost of removal/disposal and negative impact of products sent to the landfill).

With 30+ years specializing in products known for their durability, flexibility, functionality, and re-usability, Conklin understands which products have long-term value.

Our lines, combined with Eco-TIP, allow you to achieve your sustainability goals and turn your good initial investment into a great long-term investment.